Announcing BRAIN FRAME 7 & BRAIN FRAME’S 1-year anniversary!

“Totally one of the most exciting things going on in comics” – Gaper’s Block 

BRAIN FRAME is a series of performative comix readings. It happens every other month, and its goal is to give comix and zine artists a place to interpret their work, adding elements or atmosphere impossible to reproduce on a printed page. BRAIN FRAME includes slideshows, costumes, soundtracks, theatrics, droll academia, primal screams, smoke machines, and/or more. At each BRAIN FRAME there is a table for readers to sell their comics, zines, posters, and whatever else they care to hawk.

BRAIN FRAME 7 features performances and work by Andy Burkholder, Mairead Case, Lyra Hill, Ian McDuffie, Nicholas O’Brien, and Leslie Weibeler, with a limited-edition screen printed poster by Hill and Edie Fake ( Previously, the show has featured high-profile artists like Anne Elizabeth Moore, Jeremy Tinder, and Aaron Renier, as well as up-and-comers like Otto Splotch, Eric Rivera, and Sara Drake.

Lyra Hill, an SAIC grad, comics artist, and experimental filmmaker recently featured on CHIRP’s Comics in Chicago panel at the Chicago Alternative Comics Festival (CAKE), doesn’t just curate BRAIN FRAME—she hosts, does tech and promo, co-designs the posters, and at BRAIN FRAME 7 she is performing a new autobiographical comic, too.

Hill knew BRAIN FRAME was special when the power went out at the inaugural show, took an hour to come back on and nobody left—they just went down the street for beer and pizza before returning to their seats. Just a year later, Hill is able to pay performers and has started advising folks organizing similar events in cities across the country.  She calls BRAIN FRAME events “undeniably magical with exciting energy” and encourages her performers to try new things and “be as weird and ambitious as possible.”

On Saturday, July 28th, 10:00pm at The Gallery Formerly Known as Happy Dog (1542 N Milwaukee) ($7), Lyra Hill’s BRAIN FRAME celebrates its first birthday.

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